Insurance Objection Handling

Hey Guys in this article we know about insurance object handling in our business one of the most difficult things to do is handle objections and every single client of ours what’s the first thing they tell us when you tell them I am from insurance I don’t need it.

 You again it’s the best thing that happened right so when I join this business the one thing that I hated most was getting rejected how many of you hate getting rejected be honest there’s no client all of us all right.

 Majority of us hate getting rejected how do we make the clients reject us less that’s the next question right most people don’t join this business no one says I want to grow up and become an insurance agent correct how many of you.

had the dream that you want to become an insurance agent yeah I thought so you see that’s the problem with our profession no child ever grows up saying I want to grow up and become an insurance agent nor did I my father forced me into it I’m born in a family of insurance agents.

The Simple Objection Of Insurance

my grandfather is an insurance agent my father’s an insurance agent I didn’t have a choice you see I love it when you are born in an insurance agents house because when you are born in a doctor’s house you’re the pressure is you grow up you become doctor you grow up you become doctor.

insurance objection handling

when you are born in a engineers house everyone engineer you grow up you become engineer you grow up you become engineer you born insurance agents house my child follow your dream follow your passion true or not

but in my family is the other way around you are born in my family you grow up you become insurance agent so I didn’t have much of a choice.

now one of the other things that’s very important in our business is building your reputation as an individual a lot of us hide behind the name of our company so we will introduce ourselves as hi I’m Kishor from XYZ company now each one of you needs to understand something very important each one of you is not an agent each one of you is a partner.

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company each one of you is representing a brand for example if I have owned a McDonald’s or a Starbucks coffee shop write a my agent of McDonald’s because technically I don’t own McDonald’s correct I own the McDonald’s franchise

I have a Starbucks franchise I have a Wendy’s franchise it’s a franchise correct each one of you  is the franchise owner of your insurance company so why do you call yourself an agent.

why don’t you call yourself as a business owner that’s one of the differences in the way you position yourself and that positioning affects your meeting your patience when a doctor is treating in a hospital you choose the doctor not the hospital think about it most of us we always choose the doctor.

Objection Handling

 the hospital and when you are hiding behind the brand of your hospital you’re trying to say I don’t have the skillset to be a good doctor when I joined this business I had one other issue I was too young so

I’ll give you an example I was 19 and I was sitting with a client who was about 50 years old fantastic guy he said Sanjay I loved your product I loved your presentation.

I loved the company you work with but I don’t want to work with you huh you liked my company you liked my presentation you liked my product you liked everything then

why don’t you want to work with me he’s like Sanjay you’re so young you’re only 19 you have no wife no children you don’t understand the problems.

I said mr. Klein agreed so who would you like as your financial adviser he said Sanjay I want someone who’s my age who’s had life experience who has a family understands the difficulties of having a family I said fantastic I understand you’re 50 years old now let’s say we are talking about your retirement plan buy time your plan.

earn more Commission then why are you in a hurry why are you in a hurry you will earn more money if your client doesn’t feel the urgency why are you in a hurry the reason I really why you are in a hurry if this client doesn’t buy this month no Commission it is what we calllack of activity you know someone asked me yesterday.

what’s the secret to your success and I said I’m gonna share the secret only on one condition you don’t tell anyone else and he said what is that and I said the secret to my success is activity he said we all know that I said that it’s no secret our business is probably the simplest business in the world activity.

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