Reasons to Buy Health Insurance

Hi Guys Today i share details about why we need to buy health insurance as recently i came across an incidence where a sole bread earner in the family was admitted because of corona he was before ten days back i don’t have idea about financial status she was so tense and she was so confused as to what has to be done is she supposed to focus on the hospital bills is she supposed to focus on her children is she supposed to focus on the emi’s which are to be paid for the house is she supposed to focus on the emis to be paid for the car and and she was so damn confused

what is to be done in that case i hope this situation god forbid none of you should be in a position to face this but if it does happen are you prepared for such a thing hey folks see rashna ranade here and i welcome you all to another interesting video which is about health insurance.

this topic has been represented by to know about all for health insurance to talk about a lot of things as to why we need health insurance we are going to talk about what are the things top 10 things that we should be checking out of the before buying for health insurance there proper educational article which you have must understand.

a protection which is offered to you to get your charges which you have formerly spent either refunded or they get directly paid by the insurance company so i will give you a simple illustration there are two possibilities which are the two possibilities assume that there’s a hospitalization possibility number one you pay the entire sanitarium bill and that insurance company will repay the quantum to you possibility number.

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two is that th insurance company will directly pay the quantum to the sanitarium okay so that’s called as a cashless you might have heard this word right now is this coming up like is this one of the forthcoming fiscal products or veritably recent fiscal product answer is absolutely no health insurance finds its presence way back in counting lower.

indian government introduced it firstly for the central government workers also to the state government workers eventually in 1986 it was opened for indeed the private sector workers in 1999 indeed a nonsupervisory authority which is named as irda insurance nonsupervisory development authority was also formed so like we’ve sebby for stock requests we’ve irda for insurance sector okay.

so with this introductory understanding whenever i talk about health insurance please do not say that array but we’ve lic you can not have lic you can have an insurance which is a life insurance or you can have an health insurance immaculately you should have both why life insurance is the relief of income of the departed person but health insurance will give you recovery of the charges.

health Insurance

which you have spent on your hospitalization now let’s understand the top five reasons as to why we should have a health insurance i think i am my most important asset and i have to ensure myself and that’s the whole and sold reason why i say that in my human balance sheet i have to protect myself as the biggest human asset number two is that savings are saved so you can imagine.

if i take six lakh group i take a year to earn six lakh rupees i would take maybe two years to save those six lakh rupees it would take just seven to eight days to spend those entire six lakh rupees in a hospital bill so to save my savings i need a health insurance number three to deal with medical inflation now what is this so you can imagine that some person had taken a health insurance just like five years ago do you think that the hospital bill five years ago and today’s hospital bill that amount will be same answer.

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